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Movies I've seen lately: [09 Mar 2007|12:18pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

I know nobody really reads this but in case you wanna go see these movies here's my take on em.

Pan's Labyrinth: A+- I knew little of this movie but saw and HBO first look and a few of my friends wanted to go, so I became interested. I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fantastic movie with both plenty of action and apt storytelling elements.

Children of Men: A+- I knew nothing of this movie and when I was supposed to go see it I was sleeping and mad that I had been awakened. It was fantastic and I never lost interest. Great actors, great cinematography, great plot, everything about it was great.

Smokin' Aces: C- - High hopes for absolute crap. Good action was it's saving grace. Godawful storyline and totally disposable characters

Hannibal: D- Horrible movie, damaging and slanderous to the previous Hannibal movies and only saved by a few Hannibalesque moments.

300: A- to A- I have been waiting for this movie since November and I think I set the bar a little too high. Fantastic action and cinematography however there is little difference between the action, every fight seems identical to the last and there some totally forgettable portions of dialogue. However, perfect adaption of the graphic novel and some parts were just what I hoped for, but it needed a little more spice in a few of the fights.

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OMG IT ALL MAKES SENSE NOW! [20 Feb 2007|11:50am]

What song currently makes you really happy?:

Who makes you the happiest?: 23

Are you happy right now?: 23

What food makes you happy?: 23

Do you smile a lot?: 23

How many times did you laugh yesterday?: 23

What friend is the happiest that you know of?: 23

SAD =[
Do you get depressed easily?: 23

What's the most depressing song you know of?: 23

Are you really upset right now?: 23

Have you lost anyone friendship-wise?: 23

Have you cried this month?: 23

Do you talk to anyone when you're upset?: 23

Do you have any mental disorders?: 23

Does depression run in your family?: 23

Do you get pissed off easily?: 23

Who has angered you last?: 23

Have you ever wanted to literally KILL someone out of pure anger?: 23

Do you have any anger management problems?: 23

Do you get physical when you're mad?: 23

Do have a rough time getting along with family or parents?: 23

When was the last time you got into a fight (verbal OR physical)?: 23

Is there a constant battle between you and someone else?: 23

Do you hate people easily?: 23

Do you believe in love?: 23

Are you single/taken/confused/swinger?: 23

Do you hold hands when you are dating someone?: 23

Do you want to get married?: 23

To whom?: . . . .. .23

How long was your longest relationship?: 23

How many boy/girlfriends have you said "I love you" to?: twenty three

Do/Did you mean it?: 23

Are you happy about your love/relationship status right now?: 23

1. What would be the ingredients in a sandwich? 23

2. Who would you like to sing the national anthem at a sporting event?
23 and the 23's

3. What was the last book you couldn't finish reading?

4. What slogan would you like to wear on a T-shirt?

5. What is your favorite holiday song (real or fake)?

6. What famous woman would you like to wrestle?

7. What famous man would you like to wrestle?

8. What K-Mart aisle do you linger in the longest?

9. What part of your body pleases you the most?

10. How much do you weigh?

11. Which part of your body pleases you the least?

12. Who is your favorite Warner Brothers character?

13. Who made you laugh the hardest when you were ten years old?

14. If you had a tree house, who would you "KEEP OUT!"?

15. Besides turning the key, what is the first thing you do when you get in the car?

16. Which reality show would you like to be on?

17. What was the last brilliant idea you've had?

18. What's the deal?

19. Best movie to watch at 3 a.m.?

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Totally Emotional Post [04 Jun 2006|11:14am]
[ mood | crushed ]

I was sitting around thinking, you know like we all do and I came to an epiphany, like everyone does before a livejournal post. I look at my friends and my "friends" and I look to my relationship and my "relationship" and I finally realize everything about everyone, even though I'm only 19 years old. I realized this one huge epiphany......I never write in my livejournal. Listen, don't comment war with me about it, I'm going to delete it. =( =( I'm so sorry guys...especially to you Myones.

(2 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

>:0!!! [26 May 2006|02:44am]
[ mood | cranky ]

I haven't updated in forever, but I am now just to say this. X-Men 3 was the biggest disappointment ever. I had such high hopes for this movie and it was just a steaming pile of shit. The action was sick, but the storyline was meak at best. They brought so many new characters and skills into the mix and used them for nothing more than brief visual stimulation. If you're thinking of seeing this movie, don't, it really would just ruin the other two for you. There is only one sole reason to see it and it is a line the Juggernaut utters that I know all my friends will find funny.

(2 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

attack of the complaints... [09 Feb 2006|07:55pm]
[ mood | eat shit, life. ]

i think perhaps i should have died two weekends ago because no one would have given a shit anyway. im farthest here from being on a sympathy trip, in fact i shouldnt have talked about it but i felt like shit because some of my best friends didnt ask me once what happened, ask me once if i was even if i was ok. i guess you cant expect that shit its kinda lame it just hurt my feelings that some people just couldnt even say, hey you alright? plus i feel like shit everyday, my throat hurts and it just sucks. didnt want it to seem super sympathy craving but im sure ill get some smart ass comments in return to this. im pissed and agitated and im just gonna watch dirty jobs for the rest of the weekend in syndication and fuck everyone. haha.

(4 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

Fish don't have lungs... [30 Jan 2006|06:35pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

and neither did I! almost! my throat closed up and I was going to die but I used my epi pen! then I almost died again but Ale drove me halfway home until I had to call an ambulance. Then they jammed some stuff in my arms and an oxygen mask over my face. it was nuts. thanks ale for saving my life, because I almost died. so thats the story! thanks to my buds who asked if I was ok :).

(2 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

[08 Jan 2006|01:29pm]
[ mood | content ]

Gym for 1 month and a half now. I love going with my kevy because we're gay. Myones and sal and sal with the occassional ang there is t3h rock too. Lmao played frisbee last night for like 2 hours then went to the bar. Rauli r00lz, i love that kid, mad nice to everyone and a laugh riot. then came home and at mad frank's red hot sauce on everything.

(3 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

[01 Jan 2006|02:21pm]
Last night was nuts, all I have to say is this. It's going to be tough for like 6 drunk teenagers to remain completely silent after the ball drops on new years. yes it was very disrespectful and obviously it wasn't intentionally done to anger a very good friend. what needs to happen is people need to really stop putting blame on a person and ganging up and shit. everyone was at fault, i wouldnt be quiet, so i am at fault. as for the fight no ONE person is to blame, when you take it to the level of being physical and start hitting someone, you do a very wrong thing. it is also wrong to egg someone on, but guess what thats the consequences of drinking too much alcohol and I guess being around people you don't like. no one is to blame. instead of deciding who's in the wrong and being so butthurt, it would be more appropriate to let everything go and apologize to rios.

(3 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

Bud Light r00lz [16 Dec 2005|02:17am]
[ mood | cheerful ]

So tonight went to Post with just Kev. It was actually the best time I had there. Chilled with Vanessa, Gonz, Kev, Jess, and two girls I met Dawn and Nicole, they were sweeeeeeethearts nigga. Had a great time with Vanessa and Kev chillin in her dorm, I had a great time all around. I am truly going to miss that girl she is beautiful inside and out =). Spilt some for my fallen homies myones and Sal, I didn't actually spill it on purpose, just on myself after I had a few. Talked to Trish today, it owned...I missed talking to her more than I realized. It felt good afterwards. Anyway, goodnight haha<3

(a cry gone out)

[08 Dec 2005|11:44am]
[ mood | energetic ]

I'm going to the gym 4 days a week with Kevin, Myones, and Sal. Angelo stops by once in a while and I hope that I get to go with Sal and Seghposs more often. It's awesome, I'm seeing results and I hope to be just where I want to by spring. Anyway I stole this thing from Jenna which in turn makes me steal it from Jackie.
1) Was 2005 a good year for you?
-Good and bad. I feel I lost a lot of important things but I got so close with some friends and nothing feels better than that and now we're like blood.

2) What was your favorite moment of the year?
- The Hut, China Wine, C.W Post watching Requiem for Dream, heart to heart with Sal, chilling everyday with sal, ang, and segh, chilling everyday with kev and myones. OC parties lmao with rios, sal c, kev, myones, sal. eric parties with matty k, jenna, briana, christine, nicole, jord. friday afternoons with kev, sal, rios, matty k. summer when tony was around, basketball with them.

3) What was your least favorite moment of the year?
- I barely talk to trish anymore.

4) Where were you when 2005 began?
-heartbroken at eric's house haha. but i like to think of the happier moment. chilling with trish and george in the wave just us 3.

5) Who were you with?
- i dont remember everyone at eric's.

6) Where will you be when 2005 ends?
- with my best friends.

7) Who will you be with when 2005 ends?
- I guess this means romantically, otherwise it's the same question as before. I honestly don't know. who does?

8) Did you keep your new years resolution of 2005?
- i never have resolutions, stolen from jenna haha.

9) Do you have a new years resolution for 2006?
- actually i do, to keep going to the gym with kev.

10) Did you fall in love in 2005?
- perhaps. i certainly thought i did.

11) If yes, with who?
- i shall not say!

12) If yes, do they know?
- probably

14) You regret it?
- not at all, i made a really good friendship out of it, unfortunately that friendship seems to be waning.

15) Did you breakup with anyone in 2005?
- nope

16) Did you make any new friends in 2005?
- vanessa, jess, rios, matty k thats pretty much it. and a few have become among my very best friends.

17) Who are your favorite new friends?
- vanessa, she just livens the mood for everyone.

18) What was your favorite month of 2005?
- october, november.

19) Did you travel outside of the US in 2005?
- nope, i never have.

20) How many different states did you travel to in 2005?

21) Did you lose anybody close to you in 2005?
- not to death.

22) Did you miss anybody in the past year?
- chillin with tony, trish, george, joani.

23) What was your favorite movie that you saw in 2005?
- walk the line, jarhead

24) What was your favorite song from 2005?
- Job for a cowboy-Knee Deep

25) What was your favorite record from 2005?
- no clue.

26) How many concerts did you see in 2005?
- Terror, my bitter end, it dies todat twice, cant remember so many

27) Did you have a favorite concert in 2005?
- halloween show at the red zone

28) did you drink a lot of alcohol in 2005?
- not from like january-august. sept-present a hell of a lot more than i should have

29) did you do a lot of drugs in 2005?
- i got high like 3 times in november

30) How many people did you sleep with in 2005?
- too many to count
just kidding

31) Did you do anything you are ashamed of this year?
- maybe a few things, but i don't regret any of it

33) What was the worst lie someone told you in 2005?
- i have actually been really good with that this year.

34) Did you treat somebody badly in 2005?
- probably

35) Did somebody treat you badly in 2005?
- yes

36) How much money did you spend in 2005?
- more than usual

37) What was your proudest moment of 2005?
- no clue

38) What was your most embarrassing moment of 2005?
- throwing up outside the gym a week ago haha.

39) If you could go back in time to any moment of 2005 and change something, what would it be?
- get closer with the people i am so close with now, faster.

40) What are your plans for 2006?
- do better at school, find a nice lady.

(12 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

[29 Nov 2005|09:30am]
[ mood | sick ]

So me and Kevin are joining Twin parks gym and we are doing are trial period right now. I decided to eat a whole steak before I went. I thought for some reason all that protein would be good, I'm sure it would be afterwards. Anyway I eat a lot of food not a half hour before we go. We get in kevin says we're gonna run a mile, do chest, chest, arms, tris, abs, and run another mile. After that mile I puke everywhere, I mean I go outside and puke everywhere, it was hysterical. Then I did everything he said but feeling kinda sick hahaha.

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[27 Nov 2005|01:22pm]
and when sal told the police officer, "Yeah I'm in the Gambino crime family..." I just walked away crying.

and when sal told the police officer, "Yeah I really want to be a cop", I laughed the most awful laughter you feel and said "If you weren't my best friend and we weren't surrounded by police officers, I would beat you to death In Jamaica train station".

and when Seghposs said, " It's so easy to get out of here! All we need to do is you and me go slowly when they aren't looking". And has he moved to the door or wherever he sought escape, the officer said, "How many times to I have to tell you sit down by your friend?", I just laughed and cried at once.

Hennesy is a very very bad thing.

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stole from a piece of shit shitter who is a shit. [09 Nov 2005|01:39pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

if you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. it can be anything you want- good or bad. when you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or moritified) about what people remember about you.

(1 fallen friend | a cry gone out)

[05 Nov 2005|03:26am]
i felt like crap today. i went to see jarhead tonight, let me tell you something. that movie actually the power to invoke a deep sadness in me. it was an incredible film, one of the best ive ever seen. i will never again criticize the army, marines or anything else like that. and when i think back in history and how vietnam veterans got spit on upon return it makes me sick. go see this movie, go!

(a cry gone out)

[22 Oct 2005|06:59pm]
[ mood | calm ]

I turned 19 today. Fun stuff. I went to the city last night with Myones, Kevin, Seghposs, and Gonz. They were quite fun fellaz, and met Danielle at wherever we did, I don't remember. They were nice to me. when it was my birthday the hoisted me up and hit me in the crotch. then on the train they hit me in the crotch again, screamed really loud, clapped and made me feel embarrassed, but they are awesome friends and i love them. today just chilled with my family. And I got a call from a few people and one or two were pretty unexpected, thanks a lot...it made me feel very special. and of course happy birthday christian, i fucking love you to death and i hope you had an awesome day because for the first time in 2 years we did not spend our birthday together =(.

(1 fallen friend | a cry gone out)

[19 Oct 2005|09:47am]
There are those with the ability to make me upset.But they don't have it anymore, I don't care about anything anymore.

(1 fallen friend | a cry gone out)

[24 Jul 2005|04:50pm]
I lost all my friends :(

(4 fallen friends | a cry gone out)

OMFGZ0rZ, copy city! [19 Jul 2005|03:17pm]
[ mood | happy ]

1. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you.
2. I will then tell what song reminds me of you.
3. I'll tell you what item of clothing I'd love to steal from your closet.
4. I will name a single word that best describes you.
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you.
6. I will tell you what color you remind me of.
7. I will tell you what animal I believe you evolved from.
8. Put this in your journal.

By the way I have a new journal, please add me PLEASE.


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[25 Jun 2005|09:40pm]
[ mood | restless ]

My camera isn't working right but as soon as it does I'll have pics of my new hair courtesy of the illest gal in life, Trish :). Pretty effin cool lookin. I'm awesome.

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[21 Jun 2005|12:03am]

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